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So What's 'A Major Oddity'?

Ever since we can remember we

have been making music some

good, some bad and some well

just OK but we have always had

fun doing it.

From simple beginnings learning

Uke together and playing along

to YouTube videos 'A Major


was born and we set ourselves a

slightly ambitious target to write a

song for every

possible occasion.

We then added in the extra 


to write, record and publish a


on YouTube at least 1 each week.

This has been a considerable

challenge but one we

have maintained (mostly) since

Nov 2019 and we are extremely

proud of that achievement!

A Major Oddity is a collaboration of 2 guys in flowery shirts, shorts and occasional crocs both from different musical backgrounds.


One classically trained specialising in brass the other a bass player from a Mod band. We have both learnt how to record, produce and promote songs without any formal training and we write and record all our own songs.


We try to be satirical, humorous and informative with our songs and occasionally just downright silly. 

We have written jingles for businesses and produced videos for other organisations.


The jingle business is something we are looking to explore further and we are open to suggestions on songs and subjects and in the past have commissioned music. 

We hope you enjoy our music and can find something in our now vast repertoire to enjoy, if you do please reach out to us and say hi and we may just say hi back!

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