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Jingles / Song's For You!

Would you like to promote you business with a bespoke song or jingle, something special that helps deliver to customers your unique message?

Here at A Major Oddity we are offering a service to do just that!

We are providing an opportunity to work together with your business to create your own personal, professional jingle or song.

Simply complete the contact form below with brief details of your business and an outline of what you would like. We will shortly be back in touch to discuss the finer details. Costs and pricing will be affordable & unique to your business, depending on the scale of the project.

The A Major Oddity team have a passion for music and writing songs for special occasions. We have over 20 years experience in writing music and always pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of performance and quality, you will not be disappointed with the end result we are sure of this! 

Here is a selection of feedback we have received from satisfied customers -

...  'so pleased with our jingle created by Craig and his musical 🎵 team. It's upbeat and merry and perfectly represents our jolly toy shop! Thank you for your hard work and creativity, we're proud to have our very own jingle!' 😀 Charlotte from Jolly's

Thanks AMO for making our day special by doing the song, we really can't believe that we had a first dance to our very on song, you helped make our day really special. Hope you enjoyed the cake!

Lynn & Trevor

"Well I never thought it was going to be that good" (was what you wanted me to write I'm sure 😂) but no really it was perfect, exactly what I wanted, can't get the tune out of my head now thanks!

Tony (Tony's Barbers)

Jingles, jangles, it's all but spangles (love it!) Thanks so much

Love all at 'Strides'

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Thanks for your enquiry!

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