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Lower Your Fences

It's been a long time in the making however it's finally here, our new video 'Lower Your Fences'. It's a song with a nod back to the old days when communities were closer in part because they saw their neighbours more than anyone else and having low fences was part of this. It wasn't possible to walk in the garden without seeing someone from the street.

I remember many summers spent in the garden talking to the neighbours, they were more than friends, they were family, some you liked some you didn't but isn't that just like all families?

In today's society we still communicate with our neighbours and friends of course but now it's through social media, we even message neighbours through Facebook rather than in person. This is changing how we interact and is gradually separating us as digital presence is rarely a true representation of ourselves, I know it suits some but it can't be healthy can it?

Covid has changed things for a while and forced us in doors, but think back to when it felt great to walk outside and clap each week for the NHS and key workers. At this time we all felt a great sense of community and pride, lowering your fences will feel this way too. It doesn't have to be an actual lowering of fences, you can just knock on their door for a chat, both ways work just as well.

Anyway back to the song, hope you enjoy it, there's a lot of work gone into the performance and production I hope that comes through.

Remember 'Lower your fences, they're not defences, you're not alone!'

Stay Safe


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